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Combining Cutting-Edge Technology with AR to Create New Value of Experience

Our Strength

Our team is good at turning ideas into reality quickly. Through rapid prototyping of AR applications, we provide content that utilizes the latest technologies, such as the fusion of AI, VPS, and AR. This allows us to deliver realistic and engaging virtual experiences tailored to our client needs and stay ahead of market trends.

Leverage Cutting-Edge Technology for Rapid Prototyping of AR Applications

Engaging in conversations with clients, we gain profound insights into their business objectives and user needs. Our commitment lies in striving for project success and the widespread use of AR technology. Our goal is to enhance user experience by adapting to a variety of devices and platforms, ensuring the optimal choice based on client needs and applications.

Compatible with Various Platforms

With a wealth of experience spanning numerous projects in Japan and around the world, we proudly have an outstanding track record of winning numerous awards. By collaborating with VPS services and leveraging the capabilities of ARDK, we harness the latest technology to deliver high-quality and innovative solutions. The insights gained from these collaborations empower us to craft premium content tailored to the unique needs of any industry.

International Partnerships and a Legacy of Achievements

Areas of Expertise

The Range of Services

We undertake the commissioned production of a variety of AR content, tailored to meet the unique needs of diverse industries.

Our services include:

  • Rapid Prototyping of AR Applications: Creating new experiences

  • Consumer-Centric AR Applications: Applying cutting-edge technology into practical use

  • Business Development: Assisting commercialization through AR technology support

Client Industry Types

Technology, Video Game Industry, Media & Entertainment, Real Estate, Retail Industry, IT Services, Communications, Advertising / Marketing, Local Government, Education, Design, Architecture, etc.

Technical Coverage


  • Lightship ARDK

  • Presense Platform

  • Snapdragon Spaces

  • 8th Wall

  • Lens Studio

  • Spark AR Studio

  • TikTok Studio


  • Google Geospatial API

  • Niantic Lightship VPS

  • Immersal VPS


  • ChatGPT

  • Bard

  • Inworld AI

  • Midjourney


  • Mobile(iOS/Android)

  • Meta Quest

  • Xreal

  • Rokid

  • Lenovo ThinkReality

  • Apple Vision Pro

  • Snap Spectacles


  • Ready Player Me

  • mocopi


Japanese, English, Chinese, France

Service Flow

We are open to discussing your needs and goals.
At this stage, our aim is to clarify the project overview and specifications.



After gathering information in the connection stage, we will explore how to use AR technology to create unique experiences and value. We will then develop a plan based on these insights.



Based on the plan, we will estimate the required resources and costs, and provide you with a quotation.



A dedicated team will commence the development of AR content, employing cutting-edge technology and innovative approaches to ensure high-quality outcomes.



We will deliver the finalized AR content to you. Following delivery, we also provide optional support for updates to assist with your next steps and ensure the success of your project.




Explore our services today,

whether you're just considering or already intrigued.

We're here to assist you at every step of the way.

  • Those who want to know the possibilities of XR technology and Metaverse

  • Those who are interested in exploring new experience dimensions combining AI and XR

  • Those who want to learn about the budget and production timelines for XR projects

  • Those who are considering integrating XR for business purposes

  • Those who are interested in devising user experience-based promotion strategies

  • Those who want to see examples of apps and events using AR showcased by Designium

  • Those who feel challenges in the phase of commercializing an idea

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