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Creating Snapchat AR Lens with AI Video Generator and Lens Studio

In our latest endeavor, we delved into the use of AI Video Generator with AR. Similar to how AI Image Generator crafts new images and illustrations based on prompts and reference images, AI Video Generator possesses the capability to generate videos from the same types of prompts. Taking this innovative tool, we seamlessly integrated it into our creative process, crafting AR Lenses using Lens Studio — an advanced development environment provided by Snapchat.

Snapchat AR Lens — FaceFusion

As a result, we created four lenses with the title “FaceFusion.” Lenses include Japan <JP>, the United States <US>, France <FR>. Users can immerse themselves in the AR experience and change their appearance into iconic figures from each country by changing their faces. For example, users can use the “Japan <JP>” lens to playfully fuse their faces with illustrations of sumo wrestlers, maikos, or samurai.

The visual content, including images and videos, serving as the foundational elements for these lenses, is entirely generated through the capabilities of Generative AI. Illustrations were crafted using DALL·E 3 in ChatGPT, then generating videos using Gen-2 in Runway. Along the way we also used Adobe Firefly with Photoshop for additional refinements to achieve the desired outcome. Finally, use Lens Studio to seamlessly integrate these elements into the AR Lenses.


👉 If you’re interested, please try it on Snapchat with the Snapcodes below.


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