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The Mixed Reality Work “Magical Forest” using Generative AI was Successfully Exhibited in Japan in 2023

Selected into Niantic Innovation Labs Program

The Niantic Innovation Labs Program aims to leverage 8th Wall to design and create #WebAR content that is compatible with mobile phones, as well as #VR / #MR headsets, within a span of approximately 10 weeks.

The result of this program was “Magical Forest”, where you can experience a #MixedReality world full of fantasy. This MR creation is compatible with mobile devices and Meta #Quest3, so you can easily experience #AR on your web browser.

About Magical Forest

Players will play with a dwarf character “Kobbito” who lives in the magic book to complete the task of searching for insects that escaped from the magic book in the “Magical Forest” that appears in the real world. In the magical forest, mysterious plants will grow wherever Kobbito walks, and spell cards will appear allowing players to use magical powers. Players enter the fantasy world through AR in their daily life environment.

In this “Magical Forest” project, we used #AI tools to conduct project production on an experimental basis, from planning to design to materials. First, we brainstormed through chatting with #ChatGPT and finalized the plan. We then used a popular text-to-image generative AI tool called #Midjourney to assist in creating the material from a designer’s perspective. Finally, we created the narration using the AI voice generator called #ElevenLabs.


The MUTEK.JP festival has distinguished itself through its original and avant-garde programming driven by an international outlook and cultural exchange.

[Dates] Sat. 9th - Sun. 10th Dec, 2023

[Venue] SHIBUYA STREAM Hall 4F, Tokyo, Japan

[Tickets] Free

[Time] 10:00 - 19:00

[Experience Duration] 10 minutes

XR Kaigi 2023

One of the largest conferences in #Japan with the theme of XR and #Metaverse. This event caters not only to developers and creators immersed in the virtual realm, but also to executives, business professionals, marketers, and students.

[Dates] Thu. 21st - Fri. 22nd Dec, 2023

[Venue] Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Trade Center Hamamatsucho-Kan 3F/4F, Japan

[Tickets] Tickets required

[Booth] 3F/3-207

Demo Video Showcasing the "Magical Forest" experience.


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