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Designium becomes an official partner of 8th Wall for XR content development

Supporting the planning and development of WebAR with the world's top AR technology

#Designium Co. Ltd., a company dedicated to #AR and #XR development, has been officially recognized as a partner of "8th Wall" in March 2024, following its previous partnership with Niantic's "Lightship ARDK." This partnership enables comprehensive support for the planning and deployment of WebAR applications, facilitating the creation of XR content across borders to support our clients' businesses.

(※)About 8th Wall:

#8thWall is a pioneer in web-based AR (Augmented Reality), providing a platform for developers, businesses, and agencies to easily create AR experiences across devices, all with no app required. Web-based AR allows for development and experiences directly within a web browser, eliminating the need for app downloads. This approach reduces development time and enhances engagement with users.
The 8th Wall WebAR development platform has been used to create over 60,000 web apps worldwide, including those for thousands of top brands. It is compatible with over 5 billion iOS and Android smartphones, as well as billions of other devices, including computers and AR/VR headsets.

What the partnership offers:

・Efficient Implementation

We handle the entire process from planning to development, infrastructure preparation, and license arrangement. With consistent support, technical barriers can be minimized, allowing clients to focus on enhancing the quality of their content. Smooth project progression ensures that ideas swiftly become reality.

・Proven Reliability

Our technical expertise and track record have been highly recognized by Niantic, leading to our certification as an official partner of "8th Wall" and the AR development platform "Lightship ARDK." Combining our experience in planning and developing XR content with cutting-edge WebAR technology enables us to deliver WebAR productions at global standards.

・Collaboration with Global Networks

By integrating the latest insights and technologies from a global perspective and applying them to our clients' businesses, we provide competitive XR content development. Performance can be easily tracked and analyzed, allowing for future marketing strategies to be based on concrete data.

WebAR can be experienced without installing an app and is characterized by user-friendliness. Leveraging this advantage, Designium supports clients' business growth and aims to further the adoption of WebAR by combining cutting-edge technology and its applications.

For those interested in WebAR and AR application development, or for inquiries about press releases, please contact us via the following form:


Case Study: Experience the TAKARA TOMY PLARAIL - Yamanote Line using your smartphones (by TOMY Company, Ltd.)

One of the contents of the "JR-EAST PLARAIL STAMP RALLY 2024 - Plarail 65th Anniversary" held from April 5, 2024 (Fri.) to June 2, 2024 (Sun.), involves the utilization of the 8th Wall platform. We partnered in the development of an AR experience that allows users to freely place and capture photos of trains running on tracks they draw themselves, all without the need to download an app.

© TOMY "Plarail" is a registered trademark of TOMY Company, Ltd.


Comment from Niantic

Head of APAC, Commercial Partnerships: Allan Lo

Using web-based AR can make it more accessible to everyone, resulting in a more satisfying and memorable experience, and we eagerly look forward to working with the Designium team to deliver enjoyable and high-quality AR experiences to a wide audience.


About Niantic

Company Name: Niantic, Inc.

President & CEO: John Hanke

Head Office: California, USA

About Designium

Designium Inc. is a company dedicated to creating new experiences through technology and innovation. We specialize in AR and XR development, with a keen focus on combining AR with VPS (Visual Positioning System).

We have been at the forefront of utilizing various VPS services for R&D and XR creations. Since 2023, we have been actively leveraging Generative AI technology. As a certified development partner of Niantic Inc., we have received awards for numerous AR projects, including the Niantic Lightship Challenge. 

Check out our demo reel video:


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