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Designium Launches Content Development Support Service for Apple Vision Pro

Creating new experiences where reality and digital merge with cutting-edge technology

Designium begins utilizing Apple Vision Pro for content development. We leveraged our research and development experience to launch support services to facilitate the rapid development of Apple Vision Pro.

The Content Development for Apple Vision Pro

Apple Vision Pro is a spatial computing headset that merges reality with digital. It has applications across various fields including education, entertainment, and business. We harness its potential to provide unparalleled XR experiences, allowing intuitive manipulation of 360-degree spaces through eye and hand movements. We explore experiences that stimulate vision and hearing, shaping the future of communication and interaction.

Our engineering team, the "Rapid Prototyping Lab," utilizes cutting-edge technologies such as Generative AI to support prototyping of XR content. We have significantly reduced the time from application development to market. Our goal is to create unique experiences that exceed our customers' expectations. After the prototype is completed, we can also support development according to your next stage needs.

If you are interested in developing content or applications for VisionOS using Apple Vision Pro, or have any questions, please contact us using the form below.


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