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"SnowFight AR" is an augmented reality multiplayer game app that allows you to have snowball fights even in places without snow. You can play with friends and family, using each of your smartphones to engage in battles. Additionally, you can enjoy the snowy scenery by making it snow in AR and building snowmen. In the snowball fight, you create snowballs by rotating your finger on the screen and throw them at your opponents with a swipe. The winner is determined by the points earned from hitting the target. Have fun playing snowball fights while chasing your friends in real life!

■ Best in Show of the "Niantic Lightship Winter Challenge"

SnowFight AR demonstrates the best of what developers can do with Lightship by combining the three core pillars of the Lightship ARDK, “Mapping”, “Understanding”, and “Sharing” all together into a unique AR experience. (Cited from the Niantic Lightship Winter Challenge)

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SnowFight AR


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