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RPS - Rapid AR Prototyping Service

Accelerate the Development

of Your Business Idea

What is RPS?
We provide optimal process
for realizing your unique AR ideas

Our Rapid Prototyping service quickly turns ideas into AR prototypes in just a few weeks. By taking specific processes out of our AR/XR development experience, we are able to achieve high-speed production. Based on the large number of prototypes we have, we can produce products in a short time.

The purpose is to accelerate the development of your business’s product, brand, and business model. Our engineers, the creative minds behind these prototypes, work directly on making your vision a reality.

AR is a technology that uses visual information from a device to provide new experiences. Since the value of the experience is enjoyed on a specific device, it is necessary to build a working prototype on an actual device to validate the idea. Unlike simple systems or static designs, AR provides users with an interactive and immersive experience. Without prototyping, you can’t accurately evaluate the technical or experience, and it can be difficult to understand the potential benefits of the idea.

Prototyping is essential to validate your idea when it comes to creating AR experiences
Why do you need an AR Prototyping?
Let's create new experiences together
Scope of Service
Concept Planning

Phase 1


Phase 2


Phase 3


Phase 4


Phase 5

Tech Stack


Lens Studio


AR Glasses


Geospatial API


And so on..

Advantages of Choosing Designium
  • Extensive AR/XR experiences

  • High-quality prototypes brimming with innovative ideas

  • 100+ samples and resources available

  • Rapid realization of AR prototyping

  • Technology coverage includes mobile and web apps, XR headsets, and Snapchat

  • Integration with all visual positioning systems (VPS) and artificial intelligence (AI)

  • Support provided for the post-prototype phase

Pricing Plan
Contact us for a quotation


Basic Plan


Premium Plan

Additional cost

for visual creation.



We will make a quotation based on the prototype design description.

Prototype Showcase

Discover the potential of our prototypes

and spark your creativity with interactive showcases

Demo Reel
Typical Cases (click HERE to check the playlist)
Shaping AR prototypes with us!


R&D Engineer, focusing on location-based development such as VPS. Also interested in digital heritage, developing applications that combine AR/XR with AI.

Work : Friend FinderGeometry ExperimentTokyo TimeMachine


Creative designer, engineer and artist, covering a variety of technical fields. Combine technology with real world to enrich the experience of the world.

Work : Geo CartWalking AR

Virtual Studio


Creative designer and engineer, bringing interesting game ideas into AR/XR applications , and the prototypes have wonderful visual effects.

Work : Flashlight Shader,



WebAR R&D Engineer, combining various related development kits or services into WebAR.

Work : AR Street PaintingAR Growing FlowerRealtime Reflection

Yu Hata

Director of XR team, leading Designium for more than 15 years. Create immersive experiences in the AR field under philosophy of "No Experiment No Experience".

Use Case

For Enterprise
  • Showcase your brand identity with AR/XR demos. Confirm the technical and creative feasibility of your idea.

  • Build an MVP (minimum viable product) for your business.

  • Learn more about your product before producing it. It allows you to catch issues in advance before final production.

For Agency or Studio

  • Promote your brand or product with AR/XR demos.

For Startup

  • People can gain a deeper understanding of your ideas and vision with AR/XR demos.

  • Create a promotional video to find investors

Work Flow



Contact us with your needs.

After signing a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), we'll dive deeper into your ideas to start.



Merge your concepts with our samples to define the prototype.

A design description helps outline the concept and estimate costs and timelines. 



We will assign engineers based on the prototype design description

and begin development until the first version of the prototype is complete.



Test the prototype, gather data, and feedback.

We then discuss and identify how to improve the prototype based on the data and feedback. 



Deliver a final version of the prototype,

which can be accompanied by specific instructions related to the application.

Next Step


Once the prototyping phase is complete, we can start discussing next steps.

Support materials to discuss with us
  • Your ideas and relevant references

  • Technical specifications (optional)

  • Development goals (optional)

  • Specific requirements (optional)

Custom Development

Customized specifications to meet your needs

Visual Content​

  • Change color

  • Add objects

  • Replace visual elements with your own files


  • When the user points the camera at a specific object, relevant information will be displayed.

  • Users can play a game based on real-world maps and landscapes.


  • Let users send feedback or collect user opinions.

  • Online version for multiplayer interaction

  • And so on..

How long does the development process take?

It depends on what is being developed. Generally, development takes 2 to 4 weeks.

What will the prototype be?

The prototype will be a working application or web. We can also provide technical reports and our insights.

Can we get the source code?

Yes, there is an additional fee for providing source code. If you require this service, please check with us for costs.

What language services does Designium provide?

English, Chinese, Cantonese, Japanese and French.


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