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According to a survey by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, more than 60% of the problems foreign tourists encounter in the multilingual display and communication of train stations are “identifying the direction from the current station to the destination”. At shrines and temples, less than 70% read explanations about history and culture. Therefore, the purpose of this app is to support tourists to enjoy sightseeing smoothly through AI assistant voice guidance and AR navigation. In addition, compared with traditional map applications, “AR Travel Concierge” makes full use of technologies such as “AR Navigation”, “precise location tracking by VPS”, and “AI Voice Assistant” to provide various types of travel information. We will continue to improve the functions so that tourists can have a more fulfilling sightseeing experience through this application.

■ Functions

  • "AR Travel Concierge" uses VPS to recognize your current location and generate the sightseeing route.

  • While visitors are moving, AI assistant and AR navigation are used to provide real-time information by voice and AR visual effect to realize a new sightseeing experience. In the future, we plan to further enhance the function and use the database to display more information that visitors need, such as events, transportation schedules, etc.

  • Google Geospatial API and Google Maps API are used to deal with AR navigation functions, and ChatGPT is used for AI assistant to accept requests and give tour guides for sightseeing spots.

■ About the Demonstration Experiment

We are seeking to collaborate with municipalities and tourism associations interested in participating in the development and demonstration experiments. The assumption of the demonstration experiment are as follows. If you are interested in “AR Travel Concierge”, please feel free to contact us.

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