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Laval Virtual 2024

Finalists for Magical Garden

Designium is thrilled to announce our participation in Laval Virtual 2024, one of the most prestigious events in the field of immersive technologies. As finalists in this renowned competition, we had the opportunity to showcase our innovative project, Magical Forest, to a diverse audience of professionals, enthusiasts, and industry experts.

A Gathering of Innovators 

Laval Virtual has been at the forefront of immersive technology for over two decades. Held in Espace Mayenne, Laval, France, this year's event took place from April 10-12, 2024, marking its 26th edition. It serves as a vital meeting point for the XR community, bringing together professionals, start-ups, academics, artists, students, and pioneers in the field.

Designium’s Journey to Laval Virtual

For Designium, being selected as a finalist at Laval Virtual 2024 was a tremendous honor. Our project, Magical Forest, caught the attention of the judges with its blend of creativity and technology. Magical Forest offers players an immersive mixed-reality experience, where they can join the lovable dwarf Kobbito on an enchanting adventure through a virtual forest.

Networking & Collaboration Opportunities

We connected with fellow innovators, exchanged ideas with industry leaders, and forged new partnerships. The event's multidisciplinary ecosystem fosters collaboration and innovation, making it an ideal platform for sharing insights and expertise.

The Impact of Magical Forrest


Magical Forest captivated attendees at Laval Virtual with its interactive gameplay and captivating visuals. Visitors had the chance to experience firsthand the magic of augmented reality as they explored the virtual forest alongside Kobbito. Our project garnered positive feedback and interest from both professionals and the public alike.

Laval Virtual 2024 was an incredible experience for Designium. Being part of this esteemed event not only allowed us to showcase our work but also provided us with valuable connections and insights. As we continue to push the boundaries of immersive technologies, we look forward to future opportunities to share our creations and collaborate with the XR community. Stay tuned for more exciting updates from Designium!


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