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Designium Inc. and Kansai Innovation Center, in collaboration with MITSUBISHI ESTATE CO., LTD., a comprehensive real estate developer, conducted a verification on the utilization of AR technology using VPS for the operators of multiple large commercial facilities. This initiative was selected as a problem solving program of MUIC Kansai ( hereinafter referred to as MUIC ), an innovation creation base operated by Kansai Innovation Center, and received cooperation from numerous business companies, including member companies of MUIC to examine the challenges and prospects from the perspective of facility operators.

■ Overview

For this verification, we received cooperation from two representative facilities and Osaka (North and South). The experiment was conducted under limited access exclusively for the relenant personnel of the operating companies of each facility, regarding the VPS technology used, we selected Niantic Lightship VPS and Immersal VPS based on the verification objectives.

■ Verification Results

Through this verification, we had discussions with various business companies regarding the utilization of AR. While there were high expectations for improving the attractiveness of facilities through AR and increasing customer traffic, there were also numerous considerations regarding the essential conditions that need to be met, such as ensuring user safety. Taking these factors into account, we aim to promote the utilization and implementation of AR in society in an environment that fulfills the necessary requirements.

Additionally, there were strong concerns about unintended content being projected without the intention of the operators, and we recognize the need to expand AR technology in a way that does not hinder facility management. We will proceed with the formation of operational rules, referring to guidelines created by industry associations to address this concern.

In the future, Designium, Kansai Innovation Center, and Mitsubishi Estate will continue their efforts to create new business opportunities in the field of AR, expand the market for AR technology and implement AR technology in society.

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Kansai Innovation Center, MITSUBISHI ESTATE CO., LTD.

AR Technology in Commercial Facilities in Osaka


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